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MK-90 Thermal Belt

So what does our belt do and how to use it?

  • Over the shoulders for joint pain
  • For a stress free and calm sleep
  • On the lower abdominal area and over the stomach
  • While relaxing or watching TV on sofa
  • Helps in reducing abdominal fat
  • For relief from pain in lower back while sleeping.
  • For relieving from neck pain and cervical problems, head ache, and stress
  • For prostate problems, sexual dysfunction, urinary infections while in office.
  • Relief from knee pain while in bed
  • Use it for heel pain, foot pain, sports injury, relaxation of palms


MK-90 Thermal therapy belt is designed to give relief from pain and improve the overall health and physical fitness in many ways. it is called thermotherapy or thermal therapy belt because it uses heat (thermal) to provide relief and start healthy mechanisms in the body.

This is actually a kind of alternative healing which utilizes warm heat to alleviate pain and improve health. When warm heat is absorbed by body, the metabolism of cells to do the repair work and generate new cells is enhanced.

The cellular waste accumulated in the body starts getting discharged through the sweat. Cellular waste builds within body because of the toxic substances expelled by the organs. External heat helps drain this toxin through sweat induced by the heating of the belt.

Unlike other thermal belts available in the market, the outstanding feature of this belt is that it is embedded with stones from volcanic rocks, which on heating release Far Infra Red Rays that work on excess fats, activate vital organs and heal tissues.

Thermal therapy has various benefits: purification of blood, smoothening of nerves, circulation of energy.

To put is simply, thermotherapy is a heat therapy that increases the body temperature for pain relief, body health by the use of hot bath, moxibustion and thermal products such as thermal belt.

It is effective when body become warmer and releases HSP (Heart Shock Protein), a kind of protein which is made by themselves when the temperature of cells is high. Thermotherapy increases body temperature and more endorphin (happy hormones) are secreted and the number of immune functional cells also increase. The feeling of well being is heightened in a patient.

What does thermotherapy do? It increases extensibility of collagen tissues, relaxes muscles, provides pain relief, and increases blood flow. It is a kind of alternative healing, that utilizes warm heat to alleviate pain and improve health. When warm heat is absorbed by body it accelerates cell metabolism.

It reduces the pressure on blood vessels and nerve root. It improves blood circulation and reduces the lumbar pain. There are four major areas where thermotherapy is effective: purification of blood, removal of toxic waste, cell activation, circulation of energy, and smoothening of nerves.

One of the commonest reason of backache is mental stress. When one is fatigued due to stress and strain, it weakens muscles of spine and provoke back pain.

Secretion of adrenaline, dopamine, cortisol hormones takes place due to stress. The speed of heart beat become faster and muscles are cramped up. Finally, it cause pain. Pregnancy, abnormal obesity put a strain on the spine resulting in backache.

The change of spine posture during pregnancy is the phenomenon in which the muscles and tendon around waist that sustain lumbar region and the embryo become loose. Backache is caused due to a weakened waist.

The thumb rule for measuring belly fat risk is, the men whose waist measurement is over 90cm and the female whose waist measurement is over 80cm have the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.

Formation of visceral fat that forms around the surrounding area of internal organs and subcutaneous fat, which means below the skin, forms around the surrounding area of the abdomen area, is also called internal obesity.

Excessive accumulation of fats leads to abnormal suppression of the organs resulting high absorption of fats in the liver till it completely changes and damage the liver. This also has a very high risk of diabetes.