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MK-9000 Moxibustion Machine with MK-90 Thermal Belt

MK-9000 Moxibustion Machine with MK-90 Thermal Belt

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The MK-9000 Moxibustion Machine utilises Far-Infrared Radiation (F.I.R.) to improve circulation and overall well-being by harnessing its healing properties.
Low-frequency therapy: Offers mild stimulation to ease pain and relax muscles.
Moxibustion: Applys conventional moxibustion methods to promote overall health.
Brings Convenience and Tradition Together: combines traditional healing techniques with contemporary usage to provide soothing and successful treatments.

Mk-90 Thermal Belt

Targeted Alleviation: MK-90 Thermal Belt: Place on lower abdomen for peaceful sleep or over shoulders for joint pain.
Adaptable Use: Perfect for relieving lower back discomfort, headaches, and neck strain.
Weight control: Aids in the reduction of belly fat.
Office-Friendly Relief: Treats urinary tract infections and prostate issues.
Versatile Use: Good for heel pain, foot discomfort, and sports injuries.

Unlock the door to natural health with the MK-9000 Moxibustion Machine. Discover the healing effects of far-infrared radiation (F.I.R.), low-frequency therapy, and moxibustion. This cutting-edge gadget enhances general health, eases discomfort, and increases circulation. It combines traditional therapeutic methods with contemporary convenience to provide effective, calming treatment sessions, making it ideal for anybody looking for holistic relief and wellbeing enhancement.Presenting the MK-90 Thermal Belt, your adaptable partner for focused alleviation and rest. Put it over the lower belly to promote restful sleep or over the shoulders to relieve joint pain. Perfect for headache relief, neck strain, lower back pain, and belly fat reduction. Ideal for treating urinary infections and prostate problems in the workplace. Feel at ease and restored, whether unwinding at home or getting well from an athletic injury.