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MK-9900 Thermal Mat with FAMUSCLE Master Belt

MK-9900 Thermal Mat with FAMUSCLE Master Belt

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FAMUSCLE Master Belt

Discover the cutting-edge technology of the Korean medical therapy devices, the FAMUSCLE Master Belt. It has safe silicone belt infused with silicon ceramics and low frequency technology produced in Korea. It also offers heat compress for efficient therapy. This household belt provides new therapeutic benefits along with calming comfort, making it perfect for prolonged usage.

MK-9900 Thermal Mat

The MK-9900 Thermal Mat promotes holistic wellness. With its state-of-the-art Korean medical therapy device, patients can receive whole-body therapy, which includes pain and swelling reduction, respiratory health improvement, improved digestion, and essential organ care for the liver and kidneys. For better sleep and more energy, it encourages relaxation, activates the neurological system, and strengthens immunity.

MK-9900 Thermal Mat with FAMUSCLE Master Belt

FAMUSCLE Master Belt: Equipped with low-frequency technology for efficient therapy and safe silicone and silicon ceramics
incorporates thermal compression for comfort
Designed for comfortable, extended use at home.

MK-9900 Thermal Mat: Provides all-encompassing, full-body treatment
efficiently reduces pain and swelling
enhances digestive and respiratory health
promotes liver and kidney health
improves sleep quality and activates the brain
enhances energy, strengthens immunity, and encourages deeper sleep