When I came to Trycam centre, I was suffering from a severe problem with my knees and cervical pain. At the same time, I was obese. Then I decided to take therapy sessions regularly for straight one month and I am pleased to say that I saw a lot of improvement in my knee pain and cervical pain both. I want to give all the credit toTrycam India to help me fight my issues.



Our company believes in the fundamental values of Health For All. We believe good health is the best form of wealth. Our vision is to enrich everyone's life with a wealth of health. Our vision is aligned with the "Health For All" vision of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of India.


We are on a mission to provide the best health to all concerned and do our best to achieve good health, wealth, and happiness for mankind. We are committed to providing quality products for an alternative healing system and clean drinking water for the well-being of the public at large.


I was suffering from Diabetes, thyroid and swollen & aching feet. I am feeling extreme relief after having Machine Therapy. Trycam Therapy had been a great experience for me. Now there is no pain and swelling in the feet anymore. My diabetes and thyroid are also in control and I feel very energetic and active. Trycam is the best therapy since it does not prescribe the intake of medicine in any form also it helps to keep me going even after long working hours. I am thankful for such good service. All the members of Trycam are extremely helpful and cooperative. This therapy is very useful for people to get fit again and enjoy life fully.

Location:Tilak Nagar, Delhi


I have been suffering from Thyroid and Blood Pressure for a long time due to which I always feel pain in my entire body. After joining Trycam I feel much relief from my body pain and Trycam Therapy gives me a lot of relaxation. I love to come to the centre as the staff is very loving and caring.

Location:Tilak Nagar, Delhi


After joining Trycam Therapy, I have recovered a lot. The swelling has completely gone and the pain is also much better now. I am able to walk properly and do my household chores pretty easily. My body feels so relaxed and now I am able to get much better sleep. I am highly grateful to such a kind & cooperative staff. I am Happy & blessed.

Location:Tilak Nagar, Delhi