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MK-9000 Moxibustion Machine

MK-9000 Moxibustion Machine

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  • Moxibustion
  • Low Frequency
  • F.I.R.(Far-infra red rays)
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JBMK -9000 Moxibustion Matchine

The Power of tradtional Therapy & Modern Healing


Moxibustion's heat therapy and low -frequency's muscle stimulation involve intense heat or electrical pulses, so caution is vital. Always consult your doctor before use, especially if pregnant, have a pacemaker, or suffer from skin conditions. with safe usage, this machine can be a powerful tool for your well-being.

The Science Behind JBMK-9000


  • explore the rich history of Moxibustion, a traditional therapy using ignited mugwort to stimulate acupoints.

Low -Frequency Therapy

  • Experience the benefits of low-frequency therapy , scientifically proven to:
  • Reduce waist circumference and body fat percentage.
  • Activate internal organs , extending their life span.
  • Alleviate chronic pain with pulses ranging from 1 to 20 cycles per second.

Far-Infrared Rays(FIR)

Unlock the potential of FIR for:

  • Cardiovascular health maintenance , as recognized by NASA.
  • Detoxification and lymphatic cleansing for overall well-being .

Dissolving hidden toxins, promoting the elimination of fats, chemicals, and harmful substances.

The Healing Benefits

Experience the healing benefits of JBMK-9000,a revolutionary moxibustion machine integrating ancient principles with modern technology.

JBKM-9000 utilizes moxibustion, low -frequency electrical stimulation , and far-infrared rays for comprehensive therapeutic benefits. Moxibustion , a traditional Chinese therapy, involves heating acupoints with fragrant mugwort to alleviate various ailments.

  • Promotes Blood Circulation

Activates metabolism , offering effective relief for inflammatory conditions.

  • Gland Function Adjustment

Regulates digestive and hormonal glands , enhancing overall well-being

  • Enhances Absorption

Improves the body's absorption power ,supporting holistic health.